Day 2 Citrix Synergy Keynote Summary #CitrixSynergy

Citrix Synergy Day 2 Keynote

Steve Deheb kicks it off this morning.

Design, Build and Deliver is the theme they will be going over today. Work from anywhere and made from anywhere is another saying they are rolling around. When Brad gets up there it is now design, deploy and manage, come on guys keep it the same. Brad walked through the design and deployment steps with their “Citrix Design and Automation Services” right up to the manage step with a nice looking dashboard. This seems to be a new color scheme on last years “app orchestration 2.0” release with some new wizards.

Showed a clip of View and XenDesktop and how Citrix handless network lackey loss and it made VMware View look silly.

Showed a windows media file running on a Citrix desktop from a MAC client and using content redirection for MACs now, it isn’t released yet but it is showing they are loving on the MACs some.

Had 3 examples from customer deployments which are below:

A rerun of the Taco video that was edited differently for today and then Dennis Raichele came on stage for some questions. Taco has been using Citrix for 17 years since WinFrame and are about to start XenMobile and ShareFile. POCing PureStorage To try and speed up their systems.

A rerun of the Westpac Bank video that was edited differently and then Suzy Mann came up for some questions also. 15k desktops being delivered but didn’t specify XenApp of XenDesktop. Already using XenMobile unlike Taco and I would guess the last client will be running CloudPlatform and everything to build it up. Using IBM as a service provider.

A new video of CSC which is a partner and customer and then Gary Budzinski came up for some questions also. They are all about BYOD and being always connected. They are using the whole shebang just as I predicted. Discussed about how his partnerships with multiple companies has empowered them to provide a end to end solution. #CSC

Talking about a Citrix and Dell partnership that is coming in the 2nd half of 2014 that will cost $250 per user, which is nice if that includes all the backend hardware. HP MoonShot brought Tom Bradicich to talk about their solution. They are trying to speak to that you don’t need a hypervisor with MoonShot, that sounds cool until new cartridges come out, all I can hope is they like PVS.

From AMD MoonShot to Intel which makes me laugh because HP is still up there with his MoonShot cartridge. New V3 processor being announce CrystalWell. They are putting a Xeon E3 CPU, Iris Graphics and ED RAM on a chip which means HP may be able to make a Intel version of MoonShot. This is beating up on NVIDIA that you don’t need a discrete graphics card, very mixed messages. XenServer will have access to the new Iris GPUs on these chips. Brad Demos the GPU abilities using the new system using AutoDesk, PhotoShop. Just as predicted a new cartridge Xeon V3 processor because Intel got left behind a year ago when AMD jumped up to the table, so I guess HP sold enough to catch Intels eye. Poor NVIDIA, they will have to partner with another hardware vendor to make another cartridge system, but that would mean using a different CPU since they don’t want to have a CPU with any GPU on it.