#SYN317, HP MoonShot, what it is and isn’t.

#SYN317, HP MoonShot, what it is and isn’t
One chassis supports up to 180 users to make scaling very simple as you add users. Using PVS is still the preferred method and keeping the OS physical. The new cartridge “Andrew” is coming. Network 2x180GB network uplinks to allow each blade to have toe PassThrough NICs. It holds 45 cartridges which hold 3 desktops. Will have 64GB per user now for persistent workloads. 10x 4.3 U chassis per rack which equals 1,800 users. CTX131796 with WinPE version newer than 3.0. Power management requires a little more thought so you can use the HP PowerShell API or PVS API. There are some known limitations with AMD graphics vs. NVIDIA and a new CTX Article is coming to show the Pros and Cons. New wizard is coming that will use the IPMI/ILO interface to build a Moonshot deployment and fetches all the dentils you need to add them to the device collection and makes the AD accounts. Working on making a SDK that will allow the Citrix Studio to make it feel like a hypervisor connection to allow power on commands. The price point is 130k per chassis for 180 desktops which is nice because that comes out to just $700 per user which is a great bang for your buck. No plans for any Cisco networking options in the near future. Great for power users but not super high end graphics users yet but there are plans to make a cartridge. Cannot put the different cartridges on the same chassis right now but this is a known issue they are working on.