#SYN402, NetScaler Troubleshooting

#SYN402, NetScaler Troubleshooting, was a nerdy session that had a good overview and some troubleshooting examples.

NetScaler Log Locations
/var/log unix logs
/var/nslog NetScaler specific logs
/var/nstrace trace file locations
/var/core crash file location ( each crash will have its own directory numbered)

Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques:
Using the Tech Support Bundle is the best way to backup and troubleshoot a NetScaler and it will be located in that /var/tmp/support/collector_P-NameDateOfFile. Collector files will have a P if it is from the primary and a S if it is from the secondary.
Upload the support file to TaaS which is now called Predictive Support which can find issues that are known and common to make it easy to troubleshoot it.

Common Client Show a Commands:
show node (Use when troubleshooting HA problems)
Show info (Use to see all the nerdy bits about your NetScaler)
Show license (Use when you are having licensing problems)

Common Client Stat a Commands:
stat CPU (Use to see the CPU utilization)
Stat NS (Use to see a great summary about the NetScaler)
Stat interface (Use to see details on a interface)

Super Logging
Use “nsconmsg” under the /var/nslog direcotry

Two great common troubleshooting use cases were shown

HA Sync Issues
Slow XA and XD support
CTX136926 that goes over how to VLAN your NetScaler to keep the Management a interfaces separate.

Nsconmsg -K newnslog -d statst0 | grew nic_err. This will show if packets are being dropped.