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Citrix Provisioning Server 6.1 Upgrade

Last Friday Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1 and XenDesktop 5.6 came out and now it is time to update the LAB and make sure it doesn’t erupt in flames. (PVS 6.1 Release Notes)

One thing that I found out from 6.0 to 6.1 that was super awesome was that it finally did a inline upgrade.  I didn’t have to do something that has been kind of weird since Ardence and Citrix has bought the technology where you have to uninstall the software then just install it and it would just install and see the old database and it would be fine.  I had complained in the past about this weird process and it looks like it has finally happened.

Upgrading a exiting PVS 6.0 Deployment (I will also test 5.6 a couple other versions later)

  1. Backup the Database!
  2. Throw the CD In
  3. Citrix (Can we glue all three of these together so I just have to click install once instead of three installs and three finishes.)
  4. Yeah it is ? (Weird Alert, guess it wont upgrade that so make sure and go back and do that.)
  5. That is a good sign
  6. Wohoo.  The number one thing that fails here normally is “Configuring Services” which is usually a bad Username or Password or it couldn’t configure or reconfigure the service account for Database access.
  7. Don’t forget to update your PVS Console.
  8. I rebooted the server just to be sure it was happy.



So far I haven’t seen any major problems so far.  Now all I have to do is update the target devices.  We will see if that process is more streamlined in a later article.

Make sure and don’t forget this if you have XenDesktop.  Make sure you use the XenDesktop setup wizard to make new Streamed Catalogs and do not make them from the Desktop Studio because it could lead to yuckyness in the database.

BUG0278019 — In a streamed XenDesktop environment, the preferred mechanism for creating streamed desktop catalogs is to use the XenDesktop Setup Wizard, which is available from the Provisioning Services Console. While the XenDesktop Desktop Studio console also provides a mechanism to create streamed catalogs by ‘importing’ information from Provisioning Services, it is not the preferred mechanism because using it can lead to duplicate desktops being created in multiple catalogs (an unsupported configuration). To avoid this, only create new catalogs using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard, and only use the streamed catalog creation mechanism in Desktop Studio if you are reconstructing a catalog from previously created VM’s.